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Lip Smacker Rainbows

Selling rare lip smackers and brand name jewllery!

5 January
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  • tastyrainbows@livejournal.com
I'm a friendly girl who like to sell lipsmackers and jewellery from well known australian fashion shops for cheap!

Please note the following about my sales:

☆ All lipsmackers and jewellery are brand new, unused and untouched. None of them are in the plastic lipsmacker packaging because it is not good for the environment.

☆ The lipsmackers and I live in a smoke free and pet free environment at alll times. I'm very pedantic about that :)

☆ I post locally (within Australia) and internationally.

☆ Postage to people anywhere in Australia is only $3.50 AUS for 1-6 items and $4 for 7-13. But internationally, it depends on where you live and how much you order. If you live in the U.S I can tell you that your postage fees will be roughly $6 AUS (or $4 U.S) for the delivery of 1-6 items. If you order 7 or more, your postage fees will only be $9 (or $6.50 U.S) even though I will be posting in two seperate padded envelopes. That's definately a save on your postage :]

☆ Parcels can take 3-4 weeks to arrive at max depending on where you live. Usually they will arive within 2 weeks of the day you pay and the day I post. But if it doesn't, just send me a friendly message on livejournal email telling me the facts and I'll try to do something about it.

☆ I'm currently only accepting paymment in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS, although I do put up U.S. dollars for reference. Please make sure you send payment in AUS dollars, thanks!

☆ I only take payments through paypal

☆ For many, many reasons including hygiene reasons, I do not and cannot do refunds. Sorry!

☆ I can't take responsibility for what happens in the postage departments. I wrap up the parcels as best I can and then send them on their way. Therefore, I'm not responsible for any damage or loss of parcels. If there are any postage problems, you are welcome to email me on my livejournal email addy and I'll do my very best to help!

☆ If you did have problems with your parcel delivery, I'd really appreciate it if you talked to me about it first before putting up negative feedback. I'll be more than happy to help you sort out things if they go wrong, so just ask :]! Sometimes I might not be on lj, but I check at least once a day- wait for me please :] So far i've got a clean slate (100% positive), but this is for just in case.