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I have a new wonderful set of lipsmackers for you, Brand new:

This is one RARE set! Only one avaliable, very few left in shops. From a smoke free, pet free home, brand new. No returns and not responsible for damages in postage, BUT I will carefully wrap it up so that damages don't occur!

Shipping to anywhere in Australia is $3.50 AUD
Shipping to anywhere else is $7.00 AUD

Please leave a comment if you're interested

Shimmering Trio - Shimmering Ribbon Candy, Sugared Plum and Vanilla Sugar Cookie (3 chapsticks) $4.50 AUD for set Number Avaliable: 1

(Click on the picture for larger, clearer view!)

Lip smackers Flip Gloss (looks like a lighter, Lip smackers no longer makes this lipgloss) - Kiwi $2.50 AUD Number avaliable: 1

Revlon Matte eyeshadow (outside cover slightly scratched, but make up all new) - Vintage Lace $4.00 AUD Number avaliable: 1

Back, Back, Back!

Hi guys,

Sorry about my long hiatus! I had a couple of life changing experiences this past year. I didn't think it would take so much of my time. But it did...so all I can do is make up for it now by giving you guys extra cheap lipsmackers!

First thing's first, I have leftover stock from last year which I need to clear before ordering new stuff. It's all super cheap so I hope you like my sales!

The Standard procedures apply if you're buying (read them in my profile: 'about tasyrainbows') Paypal only, Australian dollars, no refunds. Not responsible for postal damage or loss, but I package it well so it does not happen.

Also this is a set. Leave a comment if interested or ordering :)

1. Holiday Lipsmacker set. Sold TOGETHER, set of 5: Cozy cupcake, Holiday icing, Candy Cane treat, Mint Jubilee, Strawberry Shortcake. All of them together for $5.00 AUD

2. Fanta Lipsmacker set. Sold TOGETHER, set of 3: All of them together for $4.50 AUD


Pretty new sets!!!

Hi everyone!

Yes, I'm truely back with many new sets for you to purchase :) I have a few more I have to put up, but I'm going to have to put them up late this week because I'm still waiting for my friend to settle a price on them. Ok, hope you like the new stuff! If you're new here please read my profile to understand the rules of my shop :) To purchase just leave me a comment, I'll get back to you asap!

Just a note, I'm not splitting up any sets at the moment, sorry! It's easier for me to sell whole sets, thanks for understanding :]

Pink Lemonade Trio (chapstick, wand gloss, squeezy) $7.50 AUD for set Number Avaliable: 3 2


RARE Cotton candy Trio (chapstick, wand gloss, squeezy) $10.00 AUD for set Number Avaliable: 1


Fanta Orange Trio (chapstick, wandgloss, rolly) $7.50 AUD for set Number Avaliable: 3


Bubblegum Duo (2 different wandgloss) $5.00 AUD for set Number Avaliable: 2


Red Raspberry chapstick $2.00 AUD Number Avaliable: 1 

I'm back :D

Hi guys,

I am officially back on tastyrainbows (today's date: 16th June, 2009) and will start taking orders tomorrow. I also have some photos of different sets that I need to put up :) If you have any requests for anything, please let know know via comment or private message and I'll let know know if I can get some here! Thanks for being so patient, I've missed you all!

Thank you! :)

♥ Little J


Hi guys,

I am back :)

These items are all BRAND NEW. unworn, untouched, unused. I got them through my supplier: the jewllery I got about 2-3 weeks ago, the lipsmackers just today!!!

The usual routine goes:
-Please leave a comment if interested in buying or have questions.
-Please pay in Australian dollars and through paypal (The US dollars are just up for reference.)
-Shipping for 1-6 items is $3 in australia and $5.50 ($3.50 US) for US unless otherwise stated. If you're from another country, please ask me for postage :)

The rest of it is on my profile -> 'about tastyrainbows.' :] Hope you like my new stock!

striked out lip smackers => already sold. But if you're still interested, you can ask me and I can most probably restock them for you especially :)

Please note: I usually sell lip smacker sets, but these lip smackers for the super special single smackers sale are all sold seperately :) I also usually do reserves, but no reserves on these sorry. Please pay with order, thanks :)


pictured from LEFT to RIGHT:
-Original lip smackers Strawberry Banana
-Original lip smackers Tropical punch
-Original lip smackers Kiwi
-Original lip smackers Mango
-Pinky lip smackers Raspberry Melon
-Ice creamies lip smackers Fresh strawberries


pictured from LEFT to RIGHT:
-Squeezy lip smackers strawberry kiwi
-Squeezy lip smackers pink lemonade
-liquid lip smackers vanilla
-S'wirl Gloss lip smacker Berry Strawberry twist


pictured LEFT to RIGHT:
-S'wirly Shimmer Gloss Strawberry
-Ice creamies Cake Batter
-Ice creamies Bubble gum whip
-Lip frostings whipped cream

Antique gold mirror necklace $18 AUD ($11.50 USD) DISCOUNT POSTAGE
The mirror is a real mirror. The chain is the same golden colour as the frame of the mirror (which is very gold, except the lighting in my photo is sort of bad). Chain is about 30cm, tail 5cm, mirror pendant 4.5 cm. Reminds you of the beautiful golden ages...Paris, grand balls, fancy costumes and vanity all around! 


Pretty hippie flowers earrings $5 AUD ($3.20 USD)
Diametre of flower earrings about 5.5cm. Flowers in shade of purples and oranges. Very hippie or retro feel. Very girly :) 


Wild pearl and chain bracelet $15 AUD ($9.70 USD) DISCOUNT POSTAGE
The bracelet is 16cm long when undone. Beautiful clasp. One string of delicate pearls, one chain. Has a wild but beautiful feel to it that reminds you of pirates or the wild west. At Sportsgirl in Australia for $24...but I'm selling for  just $15! 

Gothic Lolita black roses, frozen bows and diamond hearts earrings $5 AUD ($3.20 USD)
About 5cm long. Darkily pretty combination perfect for wearing with a gothic lolita costume! Both enchanting and cute at the same time. In Sportsgirl for $12.50...But I'm selling for just $5!

Yay! I love having new stock to show!

Please note the original flavoured soft drink lip smacker sets (like original coke, original fanta, sprite etc) are priced differently due to their popularity and rarity (according to my supplier) :]

I'm still selling those lip smackers in the entry below (on the entry of 14th Feb) too so check them out if you're new here :] And if you like your pineapples, I'd suggest ordering soon because i'm pretty sure i'm down to the last pineapple fanta set (set #1)!

Sorry about the lighting of the pics btw. It has been rather gray today :S

Leave a comment here if interested in buying or have questions. Ta!

Set #5: Original Coca Cola lip smacker Trio (normal, liquid, rolly) all 3 for $7.50 AUS (roughly $4.80 U.S) Number avaliable: 2

Set #6: Sprite lip smacker Trio (normal, liquid, rolly) all 3 for $7.50 AUS (roughly $4.80 U.S) Number avaliable: 3
Set #7: Tropical lip smacker Trio (normal kiwi, manga and tropical punch) all 3 for $6.00 AUS (roughly $4.00 U.S) Number avaliable: 2

According to the offiicial lip smackers store the original kiwi lipsmacker is no longer being produced...so it's gonna be megarare :O Get yours now from here :D

I'm also selling earrings from australian fashion stores. All earrings are of course brand new and are currently part of this season's collections (as in they're selling them in the stores right now!). At the moment I only have earrings from 'Sportsgirl' and 'Forever New.' The original prices are around $6-$8, but if you buy them from me, you make a save :]
Set #1: Free as a bird earrings (sportsgirl)  a pair for $4 AUS (roughly $2.60 U.S) Number avaliable: 2  only 1 pair left!


Set #2: Delicate Diamonds (Forever New)  a pair for $4 AUS (roughly $2.60 U.S)  Number avaliable: 2

Feedback Thread :)

Hey guys,

Everyone who ordered over the past few days should have their mail coming towards them now :) So I'd like to take this time to start a feedback thread, an idea I got from something mparf asked me (thanks btw!). This is the place to leave a comment about my services and goods after a transaction is completed. I like hearing back from happy customers :] I'd really really appreciate though if you talk to me first before leaving a negative comment if anything goes wrong. I'm not responsible for damage or loss of goods through postage like I've said before in my profile, but I would try my very best to help in any way. I've had stuff I've ordered for myself lost/damaged before and it sucks, so I'd be happy to help as much as within my powers, provided there's proof of destruction or loss (morbid topic -__-;). So far I've had 100% positive feedback from people who've ordered stuff from me before on my old lj. Hopefully it'll stay the same here :] If you could leave a comment, I'd be very happy. Thanks!

Please Read:

Thanks for leaving feedback :) I've added some new instructions for leaving feedback to make my feedback wall easier for new customers to read. Please post according to these instructions from the 27th March, 2009 onwards, thank you!

☆ Title your comment with your view of the service in cap locks: e.g. POSITIVE
☆ Talk about how you found the service, delivery, my range of goods, bargains
☆ Thank yous are always nice :)

There's nothing wrong with the old feedback (which have all been positive, thank you! ^___^) but this just makes feedback easier for all. I'd be very grateful if you could comply. Thank you :]

♥ Little J


Happy Valentines day! ♥ Hope yours has been real sweet!

Well, today is the first time I'm posting here as well, so I've decided to put up a special offer. If you order and pay today or on the 14th, 15th or 16th of Feb, I'll give you the following:

A free random* lipsmacker with no extra postage charge!!!

*Random means random though! It'll be out of the lipsmackers avaliable here.

Just leave a comment on this lj if you want to buy any sets or have any questions. Please read 'about tastyrainbows' to be clear about how I sell. Also please note I only hold things for 3 days before they are back for sale! Once you leave a comment about which smackers you want, I'll help you work out the postage fees. If you're in the U.S. postage will be roughly $6 AUS (approx. $4 US).

All lipsmackers are brand new/ never been used and without the packaging that is not really environmentally friendly.

I only take payment in Australian dollars and only through paypal

Set #1: Pineapple Fanta lipsmacker Trio (normal, rolly and liquid) all 3 for $6 AUS (roughly $4 US)


Set #2: Vanilla Coca Cola lipsmacker Trio (normal, rolly and liquid) all 3 for $6 AUS (roughly $4 US)


Set #3: Coca Cola and Vanilla Coca Cola lipsmacker Duo (2 normal) both together for $4 AUS (roughly $2.60 US)

Hi there,

I've decided to move my shop into it's own seperate blog called Tastyrainbows :) Here, I'm hoping to sell brand new lip smackers and jewellery for drastically reduced prices. Sometimes I'll venture off into selling other Japanese related stuff here too. Selling starts tomorrow :] If you have any problemos or questions, please check out my user info => 'About Tastyrainbows' for now.

♥ Little J